Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today  my  mom  shouted  at  me .why aren't you sleeping these days? what is the problem with you? .She also showed me darkspots around my eyes which are tinged with redmarks . Yesterday night i slept at 2:30 , and the day before at 2:00 . The worst thing is that i don't have an answer. Why should we sleep? How much sleep do we  need? Is sleep really necessary? I have been asking myself the same questions ....lately . Mind you  ,that doesn;t mean that  i am doing some  productive work late night . No, not at all, not even in my wildest of dreams . As a matter of fact, i am busy doing nothing . I want to sleep but couldn't .., and ends up reading some novel or watching a movie till 2.00 clock and sometimes even 3.

         The worst part is that i have to woke up at  five o clock to attend to  my gate classes. And this is  nightmare .The classes are from morning 6.00 to night 8.30. I had some 3 hours sleep at night  and now  I have to fight with sleep in the daytime .This particular thing is  really annoying  me a lot . So i went to doctor yesterday. He gave me some pills . Now I would say better!. !

Ps- Every one in our college were flogged up by this technical seminar thing . we have a very short time to submit all the stuff related to it . Today i have to get this thing done, . huhh! now  this is going to be another nightmare :(

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