Friday, December 31, 2010

The Rise and Fall of the Decade

By the time you were reading this post, I guess we already signed off the year 2010 , it would be appropriate if we say the decade is over . World has gone several changes in these past 10 years.

One of the most revolutionary changes of this  particular decade has been the evolution of new communication techniques .  In particular, the cell phones  became cheaply available providing access to telecommunications for the very first time  benefiting billions of people across the world . Ten years before none forseen the impact of mobile phone in the day to day life . The internet has ushered to the new standards , exposing the real Digital world . The invention of social networking sites like orkut,facebook, twitter,you tube dismantled the traditional  mode  of  communication, which people had been following from quite a few generations . This inturn redefined the concepts of marketing and public relations. A new term called Citizen journalism has been evolved through these social networking sites .

Right from the initial periods of decade, Almost all every country has suffered with the Terrorism.It started with Pentagon attacks in 2001 , which is probably the worst nightmare for the people of America. The  coutries  then took the terrorism as  threat, and started extirpating the terrorist forces . Srilanka had cut down  LTTE  deep in to the core, perhaps that was the greatest achievement for them since the country’s freedom. New alliances were formed. Old alliances went to war . I really think the terrorism still remains as the foremost global threat in the coming decade also .

The Recession has shook the foundations of global economy , revealing the structural Flaws in the global economic system .According to the experts, the recession that the world has suffered in this decade  is worst than the 1929-1930 great recession . Every country suffered , People lost their jobs , World stock markets plummeted ,IT industries, financial sectors, real estate owners, car industry, investment banking and other industries as well are confronted heavy loss due to the fall down of global economy, Fortunately the recession has been over for a year now.

The world suffered it’s worst natural disasters too. 2004 Indian ocean Earthquake and Tsunami has almost consumed 3 lakh lives . This  tsunami is the deadliest in the history of 450 years.Hawaii earth quake in 2010 , Gujarat earth quake in 2001 , 2008 was the year of the devastating Sichuan earthquake ,   are the major natural disasters in this decade .

This decade has witnessed the arise of new superpowers India and China . The economical arise of these two developing nations are creating the possibilities  for global economical changes. These   Asian giants attracted the  attention by taking global markets by storm and creating an excitement about new economic possibilities .

Coming to Sports . The 2008 Olympics at Beijing will without a doubt be the pinnacle story of the decade .China Stunned the world, played perfect hosts and gave this generation a breathtaking entertainment . South africa was successful too is hosting  soccer world cup earlier this year,  which took critics by surprise.
India Emerged as a No.1 test nation in the year 2008 . It’s probably decade to remember for India . We won the First inaugural T20 world cup, which is by the way the moment of the decade. And the man of the decade is perhaps Sachin tendulkar who just completed his 50 test centuries. Now the BCCI is the world’s wealthiest Cricket board , improved it’s profits from 300 crores in 2001 to 3000 crores in 2010.

The United States elected the first black president Barack Obama

Let’s hope the  forthcoming decade will be as exciting as this decade . Hope India outgrows china in all the aspects(ofcourse except population :p)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

huh!! :(

Screwed up the  first interview of my life .To add to the worst, rejected in the very first round itself . :(

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sampth's birthday

When there is need of a someone  , i was left alone ,
alone in my room , sobbing waiting for a friendly hand
And from the darkness, i have seen a light  .
light is none other  my friend, it was you

you cheered me up, gave courage to fight
and filled my life with beauty, joy and grace
such a friend, who laughs with me,who cries with me,
who celebrates with me, When i won

and now whatever circumstance you cannot bear,
Just turn to me, and you will find me there
Now it's my turn to return you the favour

Love you Sampath , Wish u a many many happy returns of the day and may this year brings you all the luck,that is in store for you :)

 ps :- i know i am bad  at poetry , please bare me , And ofcourse don't forget to wish my best friend  :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interesting Facts :p

 Some interesting facts :-

1.Graduated high school
2.kissed some one (friendly kiss)
3.smoked a cigarette
4.Got so drunk u passed out
5.Rode every ride at amusement park
6.Gone to a rock concert
7.collected something stupid (wwe cards .. , those were the days my friend lolz :p)
8.Gone Fishing
9.watched four movies in one night
10.Lied to someone
11.smorted cocaine
12.smoked weed
13.helped someone
14.Failed a subject
15. Been in a car accident.
16. Been in a tornado.
17. Watched someone die.
18.Been to a funeral
19.Burned youself (diwali dhamaka )
20.Run a marathon
21.Cried yourself to sleep
22.Spentover 10000 bucks in one day
23.Flown on an aeroplane
24.Cheated on Someone
25.Been Cheated on
26.Written a 10 page letter
27. Gone skiing.
28. Been sailing
29.Cut yourself
30.Had a Bestfriend
31.Lost someone you loved
32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do
33.Stolen a book from the library(ha ha )
34.Gone to a different country
35.Watched all the Harrypotter movies (not the recent one, but a huge harry fan though)
36.Had a online dairy (now that's too much for me)
37.Fired a Gun (Thanks no NCC)
38.Gambled in Casino
39.Been in a schoolplay (twice I remember..)
40.Taken  a lie detector test
42.Swan with dolphis
43.Voted for someone in the realityshow
44.Written a poetry
45.Read morethan twentybooks a year
46.Gone to Europe
47.Loved someone you shouldn’t have
48.Used a colouring book at the age 12
49.Had a surgery
50.Had Stiches
51.Taken a Taxi
52.Had more than 5 IM conversations going at once
53.Been in a fist fight (ya once in 6th standard,)
54.Suffered anyform of abuse
55.Had a pet
56.Petted a wild animal
57.Dyed your hair
58.Got a tatooo (Boomer :p )
59. Had something pierced (In ears :p)
60.Got straight A’s (ya i used to be a topper, but anymore )
62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
63. Taken pictures with a webcam.
64.Lost something expensive
65.Gone to sleep with music on

And friends pls  redo  the wholething and post it  in the comment box  :p , loads of love :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Awesome quote

Here is so much good in the worst of us.
And so much bad in the best of us,
That it hardly becomes any of us
To talk about the rest of us.

     -Edward Wallis Hoch

smile ♥ laugh ♥ love ♥ play

Friday, December 17, 2010

A reunion

           I was delighted to meet my Inter mates who were gathered  for the getogether party, which was organised by Sai kiran and Umakanth. Kudos to these guys . We(me,Ap,Harsha,Sankee,Nitish, umakanth,sai kiran, raghuveer,Nikhil,sony winner,Kiran, pranav,karthik), all had a great fun .

                                                                  *    *   *              
          .The day was quite  normal  till my friends AP n Nitish knocked my door . I was irritated who could be this time? alone in my home,triggered by that Seminar thing , have to get that documentation done , they are lot of things that i have to work on . With agitated mind i opened my door .To much of my surprise, i found two of my best friends Ap n Nitish.I was so happy to see them .Infact  i have't seen nitish , in two years.They said that they have had organized a get together party , all my friends were waiting for me.I left my never ending documentation then and there.  I asked them some 15 minutes time , I got ready . The getz party which was held at "yummy treats", the same place where we use to hang out often during our inter days.
            In the run-up to the party, I recollected all the mischevious and silly things , we did in those two years.You know i could write a book, if you want me to.such a fun we had in those days.Undoubtedly Inter days were always the best days for every one. I entered "yummy treats" with nervous excitement .They already gathered there half hour before , seeing me they shouted "ohoaaaaaaa!! ... dude... how are you " , i shaked hands with everyone, asked their whereabouts. Every one changed, actually i took time to recognise some of my friends , but this guy sankeerth haven't changed much, same beard, same hairstyle,same blah blahing . ha ha . Though i hadn't met them  in these 3 years,but  i constantly kept in touch. through the Social networking sites Orkut and Facebook.

            When I joined then,they already having some  discussion we talked about our friends, our Professors, Girls .. .I remember  for most part of conversations  i kept silent,generally i don't do so,but in that moment ,I did not know what to say , i was so delighted to see them .And  Ap apparently at his usual best in creating humour, of course Harsha too with his sarcastic one liners. we laughed our asses off.I remember Ap mocked harsha's wierd style of laughing,that was hillarious ha ha ..

              We planned to go to a movie, but eventually gave up the idea. we went to Hig  grounds,which is not far from our college, it is as a matter of fact around the corner . We often used to come here to play cricket in those days.infact played many memorable matches here. I still remember the match with local bachelors ,that turned in to a pretty  violent altercation. We reached there, Raghuveer entertained with his guitar,In the mean time we had a lot of fun . We spent some 2 hours there,After that  we ate chat,at the same chatbandhar ,where we used to eat together after  our college.

                Being with your best friends is simply wonderful.we ate,drank,talked enjoyed to the fullest .We allast waved byee to each other. surprisingly no one cried.. ha ha... :p

                That was really a great evening. :)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today  my  mom  shouted  at  me .why aren't you sleeping these days? what is the problem with you? .She also showed me darkspots around my eyes which are tinged with redmarks . Yesterday night i slept at 2:30 , and the day before at 2:00 . The worst thing is that i don't have an answer. Why should we sleep? How much sleep do we  need? Is sleep really necessary? I have been asking myself the same questions ....lately . Mind you  ,that doesn;t mean that  i am doing some  productive work late night . No, not at all, not even in my wildest of dreams . As a matter of fact, i am busy doing nothing . I want to sleep but couldn't .., and ends up reading some novel or watching a movie till 2.00 clock and sometimes even 3.

         The worst part is that i have to woke up at  five o clock to attend to  my gate classes. And this is  nightmare .The classes are from morning 6.00 to night 8.30. I had some 3 hours sleep at night  and now  I have to fight with sleep in the daytime .This particular thing is  really annoying  me a lot . So i went to doctor yesterday. He gave me some pills . Now I would say better!. !

Ps- Every one in our college were flogged up by this technical seminar thing . we have a very short time to submit all the stuff related to it . Today i have to get this thing done, . huhh! now  this is going to be another nightmare :(
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