Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book reviews

Well  the tag “Indian Idle” suits me pretty well . Indian idle?  Oh! Let me enlighten you, I  recently completed my graduation, (ofcourse with no so impressive performance anyway ) , and been idle after that. Time is running  with a  snail speed lately. I m spending time watching movies, watching television and one thing I like the most Reading books, which  outweighs every other hobby . I enjoy reading anything other than my academics, ranging from a silly romantic one’s to a wrenching horror  one’s. So I read three novels in the last week. “Kane and Abel”, “Best Laid plans”, “Master  of game” .

I immensely enjoyed kane and Abel and Master of game. So here are the quick reviews .

Kane and Abel :- Jeffrey Archer consistently produced the best selling books at an impressive rate. I  kickstarted off reading his books with classic “Kane and Abel” . I must say, he certainly had the endowment  to spellbound his readers.  

This story Kane and Abel  is about two individuals , William Kane  and Abel Rosnovski , who were born on the same day, one in rising nation USA and the other in a less known nation Poland.Kane  is son of a boston millionaire and Abel is a penniless orphan who was adopted by a poor polish woodcutter’s  family,after his mother  is found dead in the woods.The first half of novel is completely emphasized on their careers, Kane who is living his dream, being born rich. Abel  was struggling from the pangs of the world war 1. After living a hell  ,Abel migrates to USA, started working as a waiter in some less known hotel. And as the story unfolds, he becomes a minor stake holder in the upcoming hotel chain.William grows up to become the chairman of one of the leading banks of USA.When the Great Economy downfall of 1929 is outright, they confronted each other in an unpleasant way,that follows  the series of actions by both kane and abel, to strike each other down for the next two generations.

Jeffrey archer excellently weaved the story of Kane and abel around the  major incidents of early 20th century. It's like a ride of  fiction in the non fictional setting. Awesome attention has been paid to Character development as Archer takes us into the lives of each of the protagonists-neither glorifying them nor belittling them.The same characters keep coming again and again ,in the different parts of the story.  
What I like the most about the book is, the book is completely in touch with the happenings of the world.From drowing of  Titanic , to the world wars, even to the great economy downfall of 1929.
One weakness  in the  plot is ,the inadequate reason for the altercation between kane and abel,other wise story is pretty fast. 

Rating :- 5/5

Master of Game :-  Sidney Sheldon is really a master in capturing romance,greed ,twist,intrigue ,suspense. This is story of big business that spans entire 4 generations.The story starts with Jamie Mcgregor who leaves Scotland to South Africa in pursuit of diamonds. Jamie mcgregor’s story is worth the price of the book alone.The entire first part is about him. After a lot of struggle, Jamie finds handful of diamonds only to be cheated by Van der merwe. Later on,with the help of Banda  he steals loads of diamonds  worth a fortune from the heavily guarded van der merwe mine fields.He returns to the diamond field and destroys entire Van der merwe’s business, and marries her daughter Margaret.

Second child of Jamie and  Maggie was Kate , Kate does not get to know her father and brother as both were killed in South Africa’s slave uprising. Margaret runs the company along with Jamie's deputy  David.

The second part of the story is about Kate ,Who married David and gave birth to Tony, and how she involved with the lives of  children and grand children She is cunning, manipulative yet brilliant in business . I must say the book has lost it’s plot here,  but still it’s enjoyable. 

This book was very good , loved it

Rating :4/5

Best Laid Plans :- Sidney Sheldon again. I didn’t liked this book much. The entire novel relies on the twist at the end.  This story is about three individuals  Leslie stewart, Oliver Russell , Dana Evans . Leslie vows to take revenge on Oliver who is the president of US. And Dana evans was the reporter who works for WTE ,owned by Leslie stewart. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the reader by revealing the story and twist. 

Moral of the story? Stop obsessing and move one, revenge would only make you more miserable
On the other note I loved the twist,I never saw that coming.  But still this novel no where near sheldon’s other works like bloodline, Tell me ur dreams, If tomorrow comes

Rating :- 3/5 

  Note :- The scale is based on the ratings below 

1.         (1) My  Electro magnetics book is better than  the book
2.       (2) Ignore it
3.       (3) Good
4.        (4) I  recommend you to read this
5.        (5) Humdinger

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The journey of heaven ends here...

There is nothing more lyrical in life than the last few days of college. College life is surely a bliss.infact, they are the best days of everyone’s life. I had my last final semister of my engineering ,yesterday. And yes after that we gathered  in our classroom to share one last moment together. Every one was so nostalgiac,  ,hugging ,wishing ,promising each other that they would be in contact. Ahh!  I am really going to miss  college life. The very tag “the student” is going to be despised off from my life.I  am no more a student.

I  seem to remember my first day of college like it happened yesterday.The mixed emotions, the fear , the happiness, nervousness as I stood in front of college edifice , all seem so vivid. And now when everything seemed so settled ,its time to go. These four years of engineering presented me many good memories and offcourse few bad ones too. But good memories heavily outweigh the bad ones.Yeah! the bad ones are especially the exams , they really are pain in the ass. My first year of engineering was ordinary, My batch mates - we are not that over friendly or close knit group to begin with. As the months passed by we became thickest of friends.then started the real fun .I still remember the first  bunk , we went to a movie named “Happy days” ,which was quite a sensation that time. That’s when the actual bonding started. My most memorable day was dec 31st  of my 1st year, I don’t know if my friends still  remember that day, we went to movie “mantra”. I don’t want to get in to details what we did after the movie .All I can say is,that was perhaps the best bunk :P

And all those countless bunks, the films during strike days, getting fired by our teachers,), running aroung taking Xerox of important answers for internals, innumerous scowls from our lecturers during classes, copying assignments just an hour before submission.the outcries whenever we hear the word “assignments” , sending messages hiding under the bench, silly excuses whenever we get caught doing that, and  those cricket matches, those birthday treats, those heated debates on each on every small thing(mostly Mahesh vs NTR and Dravid vs Tendulkar).Ohh! God I m badly gonna miss these happy days.Nevertheless, I m going to comeup with all my wonderful experiences with my  college sooner or later , atleast I could relive those memories  with the blog posts :)

 I  wish all my friends “all the best” for their future endeavours.I hope to stay connected with you all :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bleed Blue

            It’s been a while since I have posted here.My apologies straight away.  A lot has happened in these days . The one that top’s was definitely india’s recent world cup triumph. Finally after 28 years  long and impatient wait , India  lifted their very own world cup again . Well , the main man behind all this was dhoni, with his extremely unorthodox tactics and brilliant field placements , he literally surprised the teams and no wonder sachin has phrased him as the best captian he has ever played under. Let’s not forget the heroics of Yuvraj, who was consistent throughout the  tournament and bagged 4 well earned man of the matches along with the man of the Tournament. Zaheer,with out dubiety the pick of the bowlers with 21 wickets , he simply raised to the occasion when ever his captian looked for a miracle. Last but not the least God Sachin himself with two centuries and second in the list of most runs getters, he once again proved why he is called God of cricket.If there is any man who plays with out seeking  much attention,it’s Gautham Gambhir.He is one who scores big especially in finals.Remember the 75 against Pakistan in 2007 worldcup final ,eventually we went on to win  the inaugural T20 world cup.

            India has consistently won all the matches under pressure and from the position where it seemed they may lose.It was always due to overall team performance and someone or the other chipping in at the right time  to make India win .With the semifinal clash the last remaining gaps in terms of weak,inconsistent bowling,performing badly in the batting powerplay and average fielding are all filled . No sooner MSD hit the six off Nuwan Kulasekara , the entire country erupted in Euphoria.Honking horns, fans spilled in to the streets on the motar cycles. I heard the crackers for each and every boundary that was scored.

            Personally my  favourite matches in this world cup were matches  with England and Australia. Especially Australia, they almost scared the hell the out of me. I was on my nerves for the entire match.Thanks to suresh raina who scored a brilliant 34 to save the match.

            I  enjoyed this world cup thoroughly,not only the matches but the Advertisements too. One ad that really amused me was Dhoni’s Helicophter shot , I was so inspired by that add ,that I tried  helicopter during our recent college match.Much to my abashment, the ball went nowhere ,except that it made terrible mess with the stumps lolz!. Apart from Dhoni’s helicophter,Bhajji’s Doosra, Kp’s palti, Sehwag upar cut(no comments on his dance :p) ,Dilshan’s scoop(the girl is gorgeous)  and Malinga’s slinga were also cool. 

           So finally leavning this famous picture before you , Actually this has been popular picture in this world cup(after ind-aus match) Lolz......

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