Friday, December 17, 2010

A reunion

           I was delighted to meet my Inter mates who were gathered  for the getogether party, which was organised by Sai kiran and Umakanth. Kudos to these guys . We(me,Ap,Harsha,Sankee,Nitish, umakanth,sai kiran, raghuveer,Nikhil,sony winner,Kiran, pranav,karthik), all had a great fun .

                                                                  *    *   *              
          .The day was quite  normal  till my friends AP n Nitish knocked my door . I was irritated who could be this time? alone in my home,triggered by that Seminar thing , have to get that documentation done , they are lot of things that i have to work on . With agitated mind i opened my door .To much of my surprise, i found two of my best friends Ap n Nitish.I was so happy to see them .Infact  i have't seen nitish , in two years.They said that they have had organized a get together party , all my friends were waiting for me.I left my never ending documentation then and there.  I asked them some 15 minutes time , I got ready . The getz party which was held at "yummy treats", the same place where we use to hang out often during our inter days.
            In the run-up to the party, I recollected all the mischevious and silly things , we did in those two years.You know i could write a book, if you want me to.such a fun we had in those days.Undoubtedly Inter days were always the best days for every one. I entered "yummy treats" with nervous excitement .They already gathered there half hour before , seeing me they shouted "ohoaaaaaaa!! ... dude... how are you " , i shaked hands with everyone, asked their whereabouts. Every one changed, actually i took time to recognise some of my friends , but this guy sankeerth haven't changed much, same beard, same hairstyle,same blah blahing . ha ha . Though i hadn't met them  in these 3 years,but  i constantly kept in touch. through the Social networking sites Orkut and Facebook.

            When I joined then,they already having some  discussion we talked about our friends, our Professors, Girls .. .I remember  for most part of conversations  i kept silent,generally i don't do so,but in that moment ,I did not know what to say , i was so delighted to see them .And  Ap apparently at his usual best in creating humour, of course Harsha too with his sarcastic one liners. we laughed our asses off.I remember Ap mocked harsha's wierd style of laughing,that was hillarious ha ha ..

              We planned to go to a movie, but eventually gave up the idea. we went to Hig  grounds,which is not far from our college, it is as a matter of fact around the corner . We often used to come here to play cricket in those days.infact played many memorable matches here. I still remember the match with local bachelors ,that turned in to a pretty  violent altercation. We reached there, Raghuveer entertained with his guitar,In the mean time we had a lot of fun . We spent some 2 hours there,After that  we ate chat,at the same chatbandhar ,where we used to eat together after  our college.

                Being with your best friends is simply wonderful.we ate,drank,talked enjoyed to the fullest .We allast waved byee to each other. surprisingly no one cried.. ha ha... :p

                That was really a great evening. :)


4 nice people who replied back:

sankee said...

the most memorable thing of 2010 for me ra....:)

Anuroop reddy said...

true mama , mine too :)

nitish kumar said...

super ra anuroop mama!!!!!!!even i was surprised!!!seeing you!

Anuroop reddy said...

he he i was surprised tooo.., :) great to see u after such a long time! :)

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