Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Left Alone

I sat next to Kriti’s bed.She started to wake up.I tried to call the doctor, but she told me not to.
“you were awake” I yelled crying

“Yeah I guess”she finally said

“I wish I could trade places with you.Do you know how much it hurt’s me,to see you like this” 


“Hmm! “  Her voice bothered me.I took a deep breath

“I love you” She whispered

“I love you too”

“Tell my parents that I love them and promise you’ll never forget me .Promise me” She started crying.

“What! Stop you can’t leave me”

“I love you Karthik” she cried as she closed her eyes

“No! don’t leave me!” I panicked and yelled louder

Her dad ran in to the room, when he heard the moniter went flat.I ran out of the way as doctors and nurses rushed to Kriti’s side.

My love of life has left me all alone in this world.
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