Thursday, February 25, 2010

147 balls 200 runs

yes! first man from this Planet to score a double century. It was a superman from India "Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar"  n he added another feather to the well adorned cap today. 

Hat's off sachin .  Undoubtedy are the best ambassador of our country .  
Thanks for providing us the best knock  ,that  every one   from this planet  dreams  of seeing it atleast once in their life time n  yes!!  i have seen it!  A knock which is considered  as humdinger with out  skepticism .
Love U Sachin  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My first post!

Well Well well this is my very first post here .I m excited .the longest desire of owning a blog is no more longing . Actually I have been thinkin of creatin a blog n posting my random thoughts from ages. As these posts with out dubiety considered as everlastin memories after my juvenile epoch .

I still remember the first day of my college , my very first look at my friends , my first class . There are only two yearning desires with extremely strong inclination one ,pass my engineerin wid a superior performance for my lucrative career and then two ,own a blog , update it every day.

So here I am :P

Today morning I m very much desperate to post in blogspot, it's pretty cool actually to own a blog wid some followers,fans xyz xyz.. Thanks to the guy wid whom I had a mild confabulation earlier , he invited me to his world (blog named My life n my experiences) .It was a genius loci ,really moved .
Momentarily an old strongest wish of owning a blog has enlightened . so friends I will be posting here all my memories and experiences . on the contrary ,I really doubt my substandard writing skills . my bad bare my english!

btw Welcome to my world
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