Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interesting Facts :p

 Some interesting facts :-

1.Graduated high school
2.kissed some one (friendly kiss)
3.smoked a cigarette
4.Got so drunk u passed out
5.Rode every ride at amusement park
6.Gone to a rock concert
7.collected something stupid (wwe cards .. , those were the days my friend lolz :p)
8.Gone Fishing
9.watched four movies in one night
10.Lied to someone
11.smorted cocaine
12.smoked weed
13.helped someone
14.Failed a subject
15. Been in a car accident.
16. Been in a tornado.
17. Watched someone die.
18.Been to a funeral
19.Burned youself (diwali dhamaka )
20.Run a marathon
21.Cried yourself to sleep
22.Spentover 10000 bucks in one day
23.Flown on an aeroplane
24.Cheated on Someone
25.Been Cheated on
26.Written a 10 page letter
27. Gone skiing.
28. Been sailing
29.Cut yourself
30.Had a Bestfriend
31.Lost someone you loved
32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do
33.Stolen a book from the library(ha ha )
34.Gone to a different country
35.Watched all the Harrypotter movies (not the recent one, but a huge harry fan though)
36.Had a online dairy (now that's too much for me)
37.Fired a Gun (Thanks no NCC)
38.Gambled in Casino
39.Been in a schoolplay (twice I remember..)
40.Taken  a lie detector test
42.Swan with dolphis
43.Voted for someone in the realityshow
44.Written a poetry
45.Read morethan twentybooks a year
46.Gone to Europe
47.Loved someone you shouldn’t have
48.Used a colouring book at the age 12
49.Had a surgery
50.Had Stiches
51.Taken a Taxi
52.Had more than 5 IM conversations going at once
53.Been in a fist fight (ya once in 6th standard,)
54.Suffered anyform of abuse
55.Had a pet
56.Petted a wild animal
57.Dyed your hair
58.Got a tatooo (Boomer :p )
59. Had something pierced (In ears :p)
60.Got straight A’s (ya i used to be a topper, but anymore )
62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
63. Taken pictures with a webcam.
64.Lost something expensive
65.Gone to sleep with music on

And friends pls  redo  the wholething and post it  in the comment box  :p , loads of love :)

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