Monday, January 31, 2011

Life sucks

Life Sucks .
Low scores in gate. hadn't been placed in any company yet, not a great academic percentage
Lowest in my life ,to the core really :(

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic day

I wish all my friends a Happy Republic day . Hope we get a better democracy,

Here is a video that gives a short but an important message, do watch  it-

An Endless love

                       She was crying .  Her love of life was no more.He is now an immobile pale corpse resting in the coffin.As she saw her dead husband, a deep grief knotted her stomach , and her salty tears flowed down the cheek incessantly.

                       After the cremation, she turned back and heading to her home,still sobbing, she felt a kick in her womb. She then reminiscent his words "where ever i might be, a part of me will be always with you". Tears suddenly stopped and smile widened .

55 Fiction :- 55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Indi rank

                 This is a great start to my blog . Indi ranks are out, and surprisingly my blog has got 50th rank, not bad , not bad at all . I have been waiting for this moment from two months. Anyway I m so happy with my blogging frequency and posts too.I feel i deserve that rank and now i have to be  carefull about my writing skills.

                  Actually i didn't thought of writing this, now that i started writing a post , so i must share my interview experience of HCL comnet, ofcourse i will keep it short coz there is nothing much to boast  about myself . I got rejected in the 3rd round. Our college is CM engineering college and it is one of the institution of malla reddy family, so we have combined placement for almost 6-7 institutions.For any placement , be it a Bpo or software companies , there will be atleast of 1000 students competing for some 10-20 odd openings. We have Hcl comnet on 21st,there were about 1200 students who attended Written test.The rounds were Written test,self introductory ,GD n atlast HR,  comnet drastically eliminates people in these rounds.

                  I cleared the first two rounds with an ease , i din't have much problem . Coming to GD, we have to be carefull while speaking , any small mistake and you are out. our topic is "Mercy Killing" . I raised one point and sat silently for the rest of the discussion, I heard that too much active participation may jeopardize the impression  of campus recruiter. After 10 minutes we have our results , i was one among the other 4 people, who didn't make it to the next round. I was so depressed , later i came to know the real mistake i have done, and it was "eye contact" .I have to make eye contact with all my mates while discussing, instead i stared at our HR . Nonetheless it was a very nice experiece, a learning experience i must say.I congragulate Gk, Megha n Sindhu  for making in to the final HR round .

                I read a Sci fic novel "The Andromeda strain". It was one of Michael Cricton best works.And now he entered in to very shortlist of my favourite authors.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

PM And the Speech-writer

This awesome piece of writing was published in "TIMES" on Aug 15th 2010, this was an exclusive article written by Chetan Bhagat on an account of Independence day.And about story, this is how out nation is being run by the bureaucrats,on their mercy and plight , it is truly shamefull and disgrace to the people and even to the nation. Go through the story,you will come to know :)

                                                    *    *   *

On August 14, 2010, inside a quiet, leafy, guarded bungalow on Race Course Road, a stressed old man shifted uncomfortably on his sofa. A young man next to him offered solace.

"You'll be fine. You've done it before. It's only the Independence Day," the young man said as he stacked sheets of paper.

"Do i have to give a speech?" the old man said, "I hate to talk."

"But you are the prime minister," the young man said, "And i am here, your speech-writer. Why worry?"

The PM remained uncomfortable. He looked at his phone. No calls or messages from high command. Without direction, life was extra hard.

The writer continued, "It's mostly school kids who attend. There is no Q&A at the end. Unfurl the flag, stand for the national anthem, take the gun salute, read the speech it is standard stuff."

"Everyone gets a holiday on Independence Day," the PM said, "why can't i?"

The speech-writer was speechless. He changed the topic.

"Should we talk about the content?" the writer said, "what do you want to focus on?"

"I don't know. What do you suggest?" the PM said. "Is there anything worth talking about?"

The speech-writer paused to look at the PM in disbelief before he spoke again: "So much has happened. Just in the past months."

"Like what?" the PM said.

"Like the Bhopal verdict no real punishment."

"Yes, but i don't have to talk about that," the PM said, "that story has died."

"Along with the thousands," the writer mumbled.

"What?" the PM said.

"Nothing. How about the crazy inflation? People are truly sick of it," the writer said.

"Really?" the PM said.

"Really what? That there is inflation or people are sick of it?" the writer said.

"Both i guess. I never buy anything. People do it for me. And i can't talk about inflation. It's too sensitive an issue."

"But it affects your people," the writer said.

"Next," the PM said.

"Corruption? Look at the Commonwealth Games full of murkiness. Why don't you resolve to put the criminals to book."

"Criminals who?" the PM said.

"The politicians and officials who did it," the writer said.

"But they are important people," the PM said.

"They've broken the law. Isn't the law the same for everyone?" the writer said.

"It is?" the PM said.

The writer could only raise his eyebrows in response.

"It can't be the same law. Have you ever seen any high-profile official in jail for corruption?" the PM said. "Any?"

The writer shook his head.

"I don't like to make false promises," the PM said.

"Of course," the writer said and cleared his throat, "how about Kashmir? Violence has flared up there. Or maybe we can combine it with the Naxalite disturbance and talk about internal strife?"

"Talk what?" the PM said, "why do people like to talk? Why?"

"Talk to show you care," the writer said, "and talk about solving the issues, of course."

"Is that my job?" the PM said.

"You are the prime minister. The most powerful person in the country. You can make things happen," the writer said.

"Stop making fun of me," the PM said, "other topics?"

"India-Pakistan relations," the writer said.

"I am not allowed to talk about that," the PM said.

"Not allowed?" the writer said, confused on who could disallow the PM. The PM raised one eyebrow to the framed pictures on the wall above. The writer saw the person the PM was referring to. Both exchanged half smiles.

"It's OK. I am used to it now," the PM said.

The writer stretched his arms out. "I'm out of ideas. You guide me, sir. We don't have that much time."

"General topics," the PM said, "just make it broad enough that there is no controversy. But not so boring that the guards and kids go to sleep," the PM said.

The writer bit his upper lip to mull over the PM's suggestion.

"Like i'll tell you," the PM explained, "talk about poverty reducing it, of course. And education. And stuff like we won't tolerate injustice and inequality. Oh, and use the word superpower a couple of times just don't mention a specific issue or put a real opinion."

The writer nodded slowly as he absorbed the instructions.

"OK, sir, in that case, all i have to do is look at last few years' speeches and cut-and-paste to make a new one."

The PM's eyes opened wide as he shook his head. "Don't!" he said, using his rare loud voice, "don't do that. The TV channels catch on to the cut-and-paste. Who's that feisty TV anchor?"

"Barkha Dutt?" the writer said.

"Yeah, her. She'll rip it apart. Not to mention that Rajdeep Sardesai and Arnab Goswami and Deepak Chaurasia. They track all the copy-paste stuff, they'll talk non-stop about it," the PM said.

"OK, OK, won't refer to the past speeches," the writer said.

"No you can. Just make sure it is from speeches at least 20 years ago, before these anchors started work."

"Oh, OK," the writer said, "the content is the same anyway. Fine sir, you'll have it in two hours."

The writer stood up to leave. The PM escorted him to the door.

"You are a quick learner, i wish you all the success in life," the PM said.

"Thank you sir. I wish you...well, what can i wish you? You have everything."

"Wish me freedom, real freedom," the PM said, looking at the writer in his eyes as the door shut between them.

The writer is a best-selling novelist.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A balloon

             It was evening ,Sampath laid down in the veranda, staring blankly at the blue sky . He was lost in thoughts. The thoughts about his life. The journey of his life in never been a rollacoasta ride. He is a sophomore, with very low grades.And at the moment his brain is malfunctioning coz of the never ending project , that he has to report by tomorrow evening .He has end semister exams in store , in the next week.He haven't ate anything from the morning, thanks to his so called project

               This is him-during day time, He is a student. During   evenings he is an employee,He works to make his living, to buy his academic books, to fund his college fees. He often envy those students, who can afford an elegant lifestyle,without even worrying about the funds for their college fees, food, parties. That's the clout,they enjoy being born for the rich parents .

               Every thing around him was so depressed , weak frail body , low grades. He is done with his life, he couldn't able to resume his journey.At the moment, he gave up. It's impossible to keep shooting the star , waiting for the miracle to happen. He has no courage and strength left with in him, to pursue his dreams. He is now prepared to waive a banner and go home as a looser.

               He stood up and wanted to go back to his room, to pack all his things, then he saw the balloon ,which is flying high as if it  has no worries to think about. The ballon was in blue colour, and it was ascending slowly to reach the topmost part of the sky. He thought it will keep on gliding , without any interruptions. ofcourse there wont be any obstacles, who can stop a blue ballon,which is at 500 meters above the earth.

                Nevertheless, when it was on it's way up, a strong wind blocked it's path, and the ballon tossed to and fro. The wind suddenly seemed vulnerable , and the ballon might pop out at anytime. He is watching all the drama intently, "I am sure,that  the ballon will protrude in just a few minutes" he said to himself . But surprisingly, the blue ballon keeps on rising ,though it is soaring along with the wind.

              A five minutes later , a small drizzle has started and in a few moments it turned in to rain drops.Sampath saw the balloon again,which is fortunately rising towards the sky ,he thought "'This time, I'm very sure, you will be put to death. With the heavy rain, you little balloon will be put toruin'. It is obvious  that the balloon will pop out  anytime because of the  rain, a conclusion that is universally accepted and ofcourse proved". 
              But surprising him, the balloon remained stand still , but it no longer keeps soaring. After some time, when the sun shed it's light entirety, the rain is no more. The balloon resumed it's jouney to the way up .

            He was amazed by the balloon's jouney, how it went on fighting it's challenges in the midway, and survived reaching  the top part of the sky. With the split of a second, he correlated his life with the balloon . "I am the balloon who tries the best to reach it's goal. I thought going through my dream is  quite easy...with out interruptions at all . Nevertheless , on my way up  I have to face challenges , some are minor just like the wind .., and some are major like the drizzle which turned in to rain drops . All I have to do is go slowly and steadily and keep on chasing the goal"

          He thought "At the moment, I am facing the major problems of my life, work pressures, low grades, never ending projects.weak body. Do i have to give up? or chase my dream fighting all the challenges and surviving. The former is the easy way to do , the later one which is exhausting , but the best possible way to do. What shall I do then? Like the balloon, maybe I can stop and contemplate - contemplating on my vision, my inspiration together with the effort which I have already poured . Yes now I m gonna fight and I will pursue my dreams" . And he gave up the idea of  "give up" and started chasing the moon .

                         IT WAS TWO YEARS BEFORE

      Now Sampath is one of the successful and inspiring student of his college . He is now placed in top  companies like Infoysis and Cognizant , with lucrative offers .This has all happened because of his hard work and determination and ofcourse the blue balloon that has changed everything.

Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.
~Langston Huges~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Pongal

 Happy Pongal folks .

Hope you will all have a great time in these holidays , I know a post is due, . I shall be posting two short stories(if not, atleast one) in the next week. :)

Till then byee have a great pongal. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks

Book :- A bend in the Road
Author :- Nicholas sparks 

                          One of my new year resolutions is that to read as many books as possible .Now that i have entered in the last semister of my engineering career,I am going to have a lot of free time(no college) . So this is the time to read the books, that i thought of reading them in the last year itself .

                          I started off with  ever popular Nicholas spark's writings. I  read three of his novels "Notebook","A walk to remember" and "Night of Rodanthe" already . All the three novels eventually made in to movies.His writing is so true to life.  The love and feelings he puts into words are outstanding. But I must say "A bend in the road" isn't one of his best piece of writings . Though he tried different with murder mistery , it lacked love and romance quotient unlike his precious novels.Up to a point I enjoyed the book  , however this is not anything that I would read more than once.

                          Coming to the story, the main protagonist Deputy sheriff Miles Ryan had lost his wife in a terrible accident .He never thought his live would be good again until he found out killed his wife and the mother of his son(Jonah) . Since his mother death Jonah has had difficulties with studies. And his former teachers left him out of his own sympathy.  Now "Sarah Andrews" a second grade teacher helps him ,she also helps miles .For the first time, since missy's death he has feelings for a woman "Miss Andrews" . Eventually they both fell in love with each other. But God has another plans .As soon as they bound to each other , miles comes to know the real truth behind the missy's accident, who killed missy, how he is related to Sarah .
                           The unknown narrator(murderer) narrates some part of the story.He is in grief and sorrow because of accident.He is revealed at the end of the story.  This book is about   love ,death, revenge,and every thing in between . The love sequences between Miles and Miss Andrews were excellently portrayed , but the story lost it's charisma in the later part. we can easily guess the murderer . This book reminisce me of christian bale movie "The machinist".

                                Anyway if u haven't read nicholas sparks book till now, you are going to enjoy the book .And for those who love romance stories ,this is a must read .

my rating :- 7/10
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