Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's pray for Japan

         Despite an elegant warning system, japan still suffered the worst tsunami .The Quake followed by Tsunami battered Japan ,swepting away everything  in its path houses,cars, and factories  setting many on fire.To add to the worst , the quake that has struck is the largest ever  in Japan, and fifth strongest  on record. 

         Hundreds of people are found dead  ,and thousands of people went  missing .This is probably the worst day for the people of Japan.We all need to pray.Some say these are the signs of times or nature’s wrath. what ever it is, the monstrous waves  showed no clemency, destroying the beautiful world . Let’s pray for the people of Japan. 

          I  came across something called Supermoon and crap , I really wonder if  it has anything to do with the earth quake.
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