Monday, November 8, 2010

Labs Externals!!

Why should we have exams?

Don't you think they suck the best moments of life. Ofcourse if cheating goes well,everything goes well .But what if we get caught? such kind of nail biting and embarassing situations often occurs in Labs ...

Ahh labs!
The only advantage of these labs is that they help to get the threshold of attendence.These labs are guided by the lab assistants who barely knew the subject.

I really wonder how people expect us to do those horrible,Puzzling and confusing lab experiments.And these drooping Labs lasts for 3 damn hours.

Nonetheless lab externals is always mysterious for the past 4 years,this is my 6th semister.And Luck has to swivel if you want to get out of the scared room with smiling,jumping and flying colours ..
Anyway we had Optical communications and microwave Lab today.Executed, I really didnt need any luck for those damn easy experiments..But the worst part is Viva. I couldn't able to answer any of the external examiner's Questions.Let me explain, I got "Magic Tee" experiment , and she asked me why the name Magic is given for Magic Tee.Jesus christ!! who cares the word magic in magic tee .And Forget to mention "Mr.Google" failed to answer that question. How am i supposed to answer?... 

Phew!!Worst is over , Only one lab to go. we have our last lab external on 12th(digital Signal Processing)

Yes!!this  was the time for celebrations.It's all over more lllllabs.out of  the  lab was like, out of nothingness into completeness .
Its all ended,indeed never again.

And this is my opinion, Everyone had their own opinions.I am not saying that labs are good for nothing.., but as a student i really think lab sucks..What about you?

3 nice people who replied back:

srikhan said...

Racha po !!!!!!!

pavan said...

buddy u doin a grt job... not only wid studies but also developin ur self personally :) blogging helps u find sumthin new and grt in u :) way 2 go buddy way 2 go :) kool :)

Anuroop reddy said...

Ap--> :) :)

Pavan--> thanks pavan! :) ... but! what was that "doin a grt job... not only wid studies" ? :P
Who is studying? :P ... pls don't say me.. I haven't started the preparation yet .. :( :(

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