Thursday, November 18, 2010

Front of the class(2008)

Movie :- Front of the Class
Genre:- Comedy/Drama

 I watched this movie two days back and thought i should share it with you all .
This movie is based on the true story of Brad Cohen(award winning author) -- played in the movie by Jimmy Wolk.He could have easily got an oscar.what an acting really .

The main Protoganist “Brad cohen” has a weird syndrome which happened to be “tourett syndrome” ,the people with tourett syndrome were uncontrollably foul-mouthed .there are very small percentage of people with this disablility. Brad type of tourett  makes him to emanate some weird noises like dog bark, tic tac all the time .

The movie starts with the young Brad , how he suffered with touretts, how  he was  humiliated by his fellow mates and  estranged from the all the people around him. But he never lets his  touretts to ruin his life. Fortunately he shifts to another school , finds an inspiring principal there  and from then he never looks back. He completes  his schooling  with superior performance.

He sets an ambition  to become a teacher. He applies for all the schools in his city. He fails in each and every interview because of his so called constant companion Taurett syndrome .After innumerous attempts(24 schools turned him down), he succeeds and  recruited as a 2nd grade teacher in some school.Then a few months later, he  becomes the “Best teacher of Georgia” ,which concludes the movie ..

A true and Inspiring story  . Director Peter Werner was superb., Jimmys Wolk who played “Brad cohen”  character , was spectacular. He acted naturally as if he is really suffering with tourett, I think he is   better than the many A grade heroes of  Hollywood . Casting is really impeccable .

And i do  think that this  movie and book should be a must in every school library in the world. Every classroom should have this book as a must read. Every teacher needs to own and re read this book to be a better teacher.

My rating 9/10  :) 


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Anuroop reddy said...

350mb size .. good quality! :)

Anonymous said...

Mama riddlerA ani torentz search cheyyi ra.All will be of small size and excellent qualiaty-AP

Anuroop reddy said...

Ap thanks for sharing :p
dabang download chesa ;)

lifeontherocks said...

hey,saw this movie yesterday after reading your post!!! just amazing!!! loved the movie. Am a doc by profession, I have studied about the syndrome, but I never encountered one in real life, so I was intrigued enough to see the movie after reading your review and I am glad that I did. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

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