Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 things that came to my mind while writing this blog post

1. I love winter season. who don't  love to get crawled up
inside the blanket . but when you have exams. You can't do that . can you?. My situation is very similar to the boy in the picture. too much to study but  too little time.Ofcourse every  engineering student suffers with the same problem.
                    Anyway I am half way through, 3 exams were finished . more three to go.To be honest, my exams were satisfactory,mind you not "good" just satisfactory.

2.In  the amidst of exams, i still managed to watch some movies. Thanks to the electives, we got 5 days holidays including a bandh for "EMI" exam, . I watched "The machinist" ,"inception"(for the first time) and "The social network" . All the three were good .But  "The machinist" is one hell of a movie.Christian bale at his best

3.I m a novel addict,more than anyone else if u ask me, Last month I had read 6 novels, and next on my list "Good Omen" and "How Opal Mehta Got  Kissed Got Wild and Got a Life"(pretty long title .. eh? :P)

4.Ooaa! My sweet sister "Karthika" is going to get married to "Ashwin" on 28th of this month.I am ahhhhhh! what a sweet lookin couple . My best wishes for them :)

5. ohh ya! my best friend "Pavan Bhasker" celebrated  his birthday yesterday. I could have dedicated a blog post for him. But damn! exams. Anyway wish u a many many happy returns of the day pavan .

6. Ah! atlast finally India won the third and final  test match of the series. They crushed newzealand comprehensively. This series will be remembered for few things . First Newzealanders they showed great temperment and attitude.Every one thought that this series would be 3-0 series . Surprisingly newzeland fought hard and managed two draws and almost went on to win the first test.Thanks to Bhajji whose outstandng performance made India to save the test match.Hope he continue  performing  well with the bat and India's thirst of Allrounder would be quenched with him .And last the "WALL" still stands. We will see more cricket from Rahul Dravid in near future.

7. Kudos to Somdev who won 2 goldmedals in Asian games.but shooters let us down , I really want to see india in top 5, Hope we will get more medals in the coming days :)

8. "sidney nagaram" from Orange is the best song i have heard lately.Karunya has amazing voice. I was humming this song like 100 times a day .

9.Ahh comtemplation...,  more 1 to go .....

10. hurrahh!  I did it. mission accomplished :D

That's all from me guys . see you in the next post :)

2 nice people who replied back:

Anonymous said...

I hope, it's OK

sahilkhanna said...

hey, grab your liebester award here -
Congrats for this and you write really well.

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