Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day

                    Finally "V" day has arrived. The day when the heart beats more than most days for few. The day when people if single (not all singles though :p) propose, the day where the love quotient is high in the air.Yes! the V day,it is indeed arrived .This  Valentines day was actually  named after the famous christian matyr saint Valentine.

                    I must confess , being single for  last 21 years of my life , I am having a hardtime writing this post.I am glad that am not left alone, most of my friends were single.And if you really ask me about this  valentines day,it's not a "girl" and the "boy" thing. It is the day where we express love to all Closed one's ,to our parents,to our siblings ,to our friends,

                    During valentine season,the news papers are completely crammed with the discounts and offers.The malls are so overcrowded with couples .We will be seeing too many colour reds, when we get out of our homes.and Least to mention our mobile phones ,that are mercilessly  spammed with all the Valentine wishes.

                    It is also one of the best days for few political parties to score some political points.Hiding in the name of India culture,they make sure that ,the relevance remains.St valentine died longtime back and became  symbol of modern expression of love, but day dedicated for him became symbol of  resistance too for few political parties.

                    But i do think that indian culture is about love and can never be against love . what is wrong in  having a date for it .Valentine is not about one religion,but it's about symbolism .Coming to the political parties,if they have point,in democracy they do have right to raise their voice.but not in that way they kept on displaying.
                    Infact the way  these parties oppose Valentine's day,that way is strictly against indian culture.Isn't it ? .

Anyway I m glad that i m single, Happy Valentines day :)

5 nice people who replied back:

Nikesh said...

nice post ra and true ra nuv cheppindi... :)

Anuroop reddy said...

thanks nikesh! :)

Aishwarya Nagula said...

It's always AWESOME to be single! :D

And I think they only oppose because its SO abnormal. We don't see people roaming around in red everyday do we? And I strongly believe that Indians don't like anything new! Except for some maybe! Whatever! People are people and they'll do whatever they want to! So much for being a "free country".

Anyhow, I love red. My favorite colour it is. :D

Anuroop reddy said...

i like that "free country" state.., so true..

You love red ? ... I thought girls are suckers of "Pink" colour :p

Anuroop reddy said...


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