Thursday, February 3, 2011

A jouney in the RTC bus

                           I decided to take a bus to college.There are many people waiting for the same bus,middle aged uncles were outnumbered to be precise.It was a rush hour.The bus that has stopped was already full,somehow we managed to get in to the bus.Suddenly i heard some voices from the door,Middle aged uncles started abusing Drver for stopping the bus 10meters away from the busstop.I didn't understand why people get agry for such a silly reasons.Can't a person take a pain of walking mere 10 meters.

                     Someone patted my shoulder murmuring something.I turned back and found a guy,hair uncombed,and the dress as dingy as ever.He looked like a guy who didn't knew what taking bath meant.He is a conductor .I politely showed my bus pass and minded my ownbusiness

                     As the bus was so crowded,I find difficult to hold the handle.The abuses of middle aged uncles became stronger as conductor approched towards them.Now conductor couldn't control himself,replied harshly to them.The Fight started and lasted for full 10 minutes.The abuses fled in all directions.Some took side of uncles,some took side of conductor and some people consoled both the groups.At last frustrated conductor cooled down,and never to mention uncles still frowning,murmuring something

                    After sometime,the silence that was hung in the air broke by the low agitated voices again.Now the problem was,bus is going way too slow,to top of it off,they are claiming that,the bus driver wantedly driving slow.The voices getting stronger again with each passing second.That was the most insane thing i have ever heard,Why would driver drive the bus slow purposely.if he can drive fast? What does he get by doing that?. He has been sitting on a piece of wood covered with cloth for God knows how long.his ass might be killing him.Never to mention the heat that is produced by the engine beside he was bearing.

                    Now the low agitated voices targetted the conductor again,they were angry coz conductor stopped the bus in each and every stop.Now this is really insane,a few moments back they were angry because the driver has stopped the bus 10mts away from the stop,now they were trashing conductor for making all the stops.

                     I just couldn't wait to get off the bus.My stop came,I can still hear the voices,Some were abusing ,some were demanding.The conductor and driver faced the angry agitated group.

                     Besides they have own problems to worry about other than people,the bus engine is old and not working properly,and the gear lever is not at all smooth.The conductor having a hard time to manage change,for every 100 rupee note that was showed up.He then had a piece of paper to fill up after each and every stop,he had to look if everyone had a ticket or bus pass.

                      As i walked after getting from the bus.I couldn't help but think about the conductor and the driver,how can someone take pains every day and still go on with their work,saying nothing.What could they be thinking? Do they spend every minute of their cursing.

                      Now i am really sorry for them,From now whenever i take the bus,I will smile at driver,think if is the first smile he had seen in months or years

4 nice people who replied back:

Gowthami said...

someway related to my thoughts.. and a good narration :)

Anuroop reddy said...

Thanks gowthami.. glad u could relate it with ur thoughts :).. we have a lot in common :P

Aishwarya Nagula said...

Shhhhiiiit. This is AWESOME. You should send it to some short story compiler or something.
Amazing narration.

Anuroop reddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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