Friday, October 29, 2010

This and that...

It's 9pm now .I m at home.Exams are gonna start ..and   another non-productive day has passed just like a flashing light.
I m blogging . Dunno why? .You are reading coz you are nice ..  Damn!!  i m not making any sense .:o :o

Ok ok. Don't fret , I just watched "Friends' season 5  episodes .Chandler bing  was hilarious.I laughed my ass off. and the episode in which phoebe gives birth to 3 babies , mann best comedy sequences ever in entire seasons of friends.

phew! I m so happy that my first short story did well .Thanks for the compliments and criticisms friends :)
I just want to share some criticisms given by my friends . one  said that i lacked a bit passion while writing the story .Yes i do.  Thanks dude  i m gonna take that in a possitive way and will try to impress you with my 2nd story. :) , and  many said that  i have to improve  my vocabulary.
yes! my english suckss :(  .., still working on it :)

Ok! now, That's all for today.

",u continue!! sab good hai!!peace hai!tata!!"

Khudafeez :)

byeee byeee .. :)

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